Monday, April 29, 2013

Back in the saddle

It's not clear to me why I should be writing on the blog again, if it has any value whatsoever, or even who might read it (other than me and someone with a hard-to-treat case of insomnia), but write again I shall.  And not knowing what, exactly, I am doing here, I'll start with at the spot that is frequently the best place for me to start:  What I am grateful for today.

Here's the list:

Fresh goats milk.
The extra pair of rubber gloves I just found under the studio sink.
A wonderful, unexpected visit from an old friend made on what had started as a horrible morning (at the end of a worse month) better.
Remembering that a good belly laugh can make just about anything bearable.

Isn't there something freeing about doing something with no reason to?  I think this is the kind of wisdom that my dog is trying to convey to me all the time.  I'm very lucky to have a wise and patient dog -- along with a teenager with the same virtues.  He told me last night that he feels lucky to have parents who can (and frequently do) admit to being wrong.

He may never know what a relief that was to his mom.