Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something About Critter

An industrious robin couple built a fine nest up in the arms of our outdoor table umbrella about a month ago.  Since I didn't relish the idea of eating on the table underneath their nursery, I moved the nest to a potted hibiscus outside our backdoor. It never occurred to me that the robins would actually choose to have their new family there, exactly one foot outside the glass window in our kitchen, but they did.

All four of the bright blue eggs hatched this weekend, and watching these little birds grow and begin to eat and be cleaned up by their parents has been absolutely fascinating.  Every morning, while mama bird is getting breakfast, I take a few quick pictures. This was the scene at about 8AM, in between the regurgitated worm entree and some tasty bugs.  Yum!

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lisa schamess said...

talk about your chicks with sticks!

awww they're so fuzzzzzy!

and guess what my word verification is?