Monday, September 28, 2009

Through A Blog Vaguely

My blogly habits not having been what they should, I am writing today in the hopes that this will inspire me to post more frequently.

The big news here, from the "clubhouse", is that I now have a real live laser printer. Yes, as I near 50, I can say that I have one of my very own, thanks to the hubs who took pity on me. (Why is my wife racing back and forth between the workshop and the upstairs office over and OVER again? Why, she is attempting to print something... How sad.) The other big news is that we can have a laser printer and still afford raspberries.

That's saying something.

I've always figured that as long as one can buy a carton of raspberries every once in a while without beginning to hyperventilate, things must be pretty good. This is a credo that dates back to my waitressing days, when all things in life could be reduced to issues of tips or food.

As for the picture above, I still can't figure out what this bumper sticker is supposed to say to us. The car it was affixed to was parked outside of the offices of known liberal lefties, so it has me really scratching my head.


MikeT said...


Glad to see you're blogging again--or trying to do so. Please keep it up!

I'm not sure if you realize this or not, but I followed your suggestions religiously in creating and maintaining my own blog. I'm sure your other friends and fans in the blogosphere have told you the same thing. They would probably say the same thing that I do now: much of the credit, but none of the blame, attaches to you for whatever value exists in it.

Stay well, and keep blogging/writing!

Mike T.

Blue Lass said...

Remember Reagan's "trickle-down economics"? This is the opposite, and unlike its predecessor, it's real.