Monday, May 4, 2009

Blood Brothers

Yesterday, the Tweenish One and I went to see the new X-men movie, which I'll call "Wolverine 2." It is one of those let's clear up some things in my past life epics, showing Wolverine as a little boy, then spending decades slashing and burning with his evil brother (though Big W doesn't notice that until the guy has slaughtered a few dozen people), leaving the mercenary rat race to settle down with a Good Woman, and getting into trouble all over again. Oh, and his whole body is filled with liquid metal that makes him virtually indestructible. Kind of like Botox, but industrial strength and without the puffiness.

Personally, the best part of the movie was figuring out how Wolverine's early life influenced his later behavior. The Tweenish One and I deconstructed the plot and conjectured on Big W's various problems over chips and salsa after the movie. Over the years, we have become Marvel-based psychologists -- and there is a lot to analyze when it comes to Wolverine. The relationship with his pretend father, his real father who he accidentally kills (alert Freud), his penchant for picking the Wrong Woman, his issues with making lasting friendships. Putting Marvel characters "on the couch" makes for regular conversation fodder in my house. And not just between the grownups, either.

Conversation between two 12 year old boys overheard this weekend:

"Do you think if he and his brother had worked out that father thing earlier on, they might have gotten along better?"

"Yeah, I was wondering about that..."

Move over Tolstoy.

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