Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lo, Thru The Valley Of Confused Self-Image We Go

Lately, my son has been going through that special brand of preteen jitters called "Whose Body Is This?" In a single day, he might tell me that he is:

too tall
too fat
too freckled
too, um, too something

Boy, do I completely understand.

Most days, I can't quite figure out my own packaging. This only seems to get worse as time goes on. (Thank you, menopause.) I'm starting to wonder, though, if we are really ever meant to feel completely comfortable in our bodies. Theoretically, they are only vessels for the really good stuff -- soul, character, intention. I mean, Buddha doesn't look like he was sweating his waistline.

Still, this isn't much help to the Tweenish One. Enlightenment concepts only go so far when you are 12 and have a pimple on your nose.

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