Friday, January 23, 2009

The Day We All Made

I can't make a big entry today or even upload all the pictures I would want to, but I can say "Hurray"! Our new president, Barak Obama, is sworn into office -- and we were there to witness it. Tom, Sam, and I sat in the middle of the Capital lawn, and Rashid was off with a troop of his friends, and then there were those other 2 million people, but we all stood out in the cold and one way or another celebrated.

There is a lot to say about this momentous event, and that will have to wait until I am a bit more rested. But I can say that it is really something amazing to be a part of such an enormous group of joyous people. Real, sustained, infectious happiness on such a level of magnitude is a powerful thing. I can't help but think that that energy will do something else amazing for us all.

Thank you, President Obama, for bringing us together to make that!

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painter girl said...

All I can say is we live in an amazing country.