Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lisa's Transom Window

I know I have been absent (blog-wise) for most of this fall, but I've been happily busy with unblog-wise things. I could be apologetic, but that seems silly when others do it. Would Shackleton apologize for missing his blog entries in between hiking out of Antarctica and returning to rescue his crew a year later? Okay, well, maybe the comparison is a bit grandiose, but there is a point in there someplace.

One of the better things I've been doing is finishing up and seeing installed Lisan's transom window. I will ever after remember her address -- and maybe even the correct zip code too.


painter girl said...

Beautiful window!
Glad to see you back and glad you have had a good fall.

painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
I tagged you on my blog to tell us 7 random and quirky facts about you.
No pressure, it's only for fun!