Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Web I Am Just Barely Weaving

Okay, so now that I am getting more stained glass commissions -- and would like to get even more -- I need a website. At least that's what everyone tells me. "Do you have a website?" is the first question I hear when I mention I make stained glass windows. They will ask this even as they are looking at real, live examples of my stained glass. "Oh yeah. Well, I'm just getting one up right now," I answer, mixing fact and fiction as artfully as I can. "Probably next week."

As anyone knows who has thrown up their own homegrown website, "next week" can stretch out into "next month" and, in some cases, "next year." Even for a savvy pedestrian on the Internet highway, creating a website is daunting.

The frustration all starts with the easy, anyone-can-do-it website software. The lies, people! Sure, in the tutorial it all looks easy. A template here, a masthead there, and voila! You are in business. But then, there you are, up a 2 AM, crouched over your keyboard, with only an "About Me" and "Coming Up Next" section to show for 6 hours of work, and you are only a push button away from calling a shrink -- or a website professional. In fact, I'm thinking that it had to be some sadistic website professional who designed the do-it-yourself software in the first place. What a great way to drive business to THEIR WEBSITE.

Still, I am putting in another few late nights in pursuit of my teen-weeny website. Until I sink into a catatonic state of desperation, I will not go begging to any website professionals, because I need to save cash in this mom-and-not-even-pop business of mine. In the meantime, I will stay away from the sharp glass. And pray to the cyber gods and anyone else listening for all the help I can get.

And assuming I can also channel Bill Gates and Mahatma Ghandi-- and if you'd like to take a look - you will be able to find me at

Sometime next week.


painter girl said...

I know the pain!!!!
I am still trying to enlist other artist friends who are computer savvy for help...but the are as easily distracted as me. So, mine will be swinging in the cyber wind until I get my lazy but in gear. I actually had a customer scold me on the fact that my website is not updated. Definitely not a good moment for me.

MikeT said...

Dear Anne,

I think I'm more of a technophobe than you are -- heck, I've had trouble even adding links to other blogs! Maybe a techie friend can help set your new site up while accepting only the most nominal of payments from you. When you finally put your new blog up, I hope you won't forget to post written (as opposed to your equally fine visual) work on this one. Your writing is something special.--Mike T.