Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back From The Store

I think I have just about now adjusted to being back from Vermont. Maybe. Every summer we go to Barnard, Vermont, eat ice cream, marvel at the cool weather, and dare each other to jump in the lake (which is really, REALLY cold). There are two focal points to Barnard: the lake (also known as Silver Lake) and the store (also known as the Barnard General Store.) If we are not in the one, we are usually in the other.

The picture above was snapped (against the Tweenish One's will) in the store. To say that the Barnard General Store is special, a tradition, cozy, and a throw-back to more civilized times just doesn't cover it. This store has been in continuous operation for 175 years, serving on and off as a place to buy everything from horse shoes (for their real purpose) to Fluffer Nutter, depending on when you happened by. Today it serves as a kind of store/everyone's living room, a place where you can meet up with your neighbor for coffee or argue with him or her vehemently about, well, just about anything. And no one will mind either way. The store now has wifi, which would be a mixed blessing if it wasn't so unreliable. A kind patron showed me where to sit (next to the ficus tree) to get, well, just about any reception. She also explained that there was no wifi on rainy days. At the time this made perfect sense to me. Maybe we could start this system in DC?

Just across the road is Silver Lake, a spring-fed lake where someone always seems to be swimming. Or paddling their canoe over to (where else?) the general store to buy whatever necessary item that came to mind in the last hour. It's the kind of lake that takes some serious talking to oneself to jump into. And even if I can only talk myself into staying in for limited periods of time, I just love watching the old gal across the lake make her morning swim through the mist in the morning.

This year's main Barnard occupation was reading, knitting, cards, icecream, and fishing. It rained a lot. We did not care. The Tweenish One and his Tweenish Buddy perfected their worm baiting techniques, and spent hours in the rain and out of it, standing on the dock behind the house catching fish and hurling them back into the deep.

I think I really, really need to go to the store.

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