Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've Got Her Number

On the bench right now is the transom window that I am making for my dear friend, Lisa. The window will go over her wide front door, original to the house, that faces on to Newton Street in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington, DC.

The colors she picked for the transom window, some lovely lavenders, purples, and greens, are unconventional. So, of course, I love them. This challenged me to design the window so that it would still harken back to the house's turn-of-the-century (19th, that is) style, even though the purpleness would likely have made Queen Victoria wrinkle her nose and put on more black damask. I love it, though, because it will defy the norm, while charming any passersby -- much like the inhabitants of 1349 do everyday.

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