Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Me & My Nose

Every so often, the great swirling cosmos of it all whooshes into my life and lays me flat. And, there I am on the ground, the air knocked out of me, all ridiculous daily worries and petty jealousies and personal obsessions knocked out of me too, and I can see what is really important in my life. This is what happened to me last week. Right after I became as sick as a dog.

The long and short of it is that on Sunday I was admitted to the hospital for an infection in my nose that seemed to be drug-resistant. The emergency room doc wouldn't take a culture, so we can't know if it was MRSA or not. (No wonder this stuff is escaping all over the place!) What had been a sore, slightly puffy nose on a Friday, had swelled to an excruciating nose by Sunday. I had chills and felt like my shoes were made of lead. I spent the next three days on IV drips of very strong antibiotics. (I am going to be very, very kind to my kidneys forever and ever...) I won't go into the hairier details of my hospital stay, except to say that it was painful and frightening. On Thursday, they let me come home.

This week it is doctor visits and and mending my immune system for me. Letting the important things occupy me -- and not my cellphone -- has been my chief activity. Things like hugging my son and watching him play Guitar Hero and making him hotdogs for dinner. Cooking with my godson and listening to him talk about his latest date. Sitting outside in the sun and looking at the garden. And just plain listening.

So, for all of you who (like me), laughed at others who kept hand sanitizer in their purse or car: Laugh no more. There are some really nasty, bacterial thugs out there. I hope I never encounter one again -- especially that close to my brain.

Next up on the bench: Lisa's Front Door Transom lavenders, greens, and bevels.


Blue Lass said...

I too always find that a trip to the emergency room, like the prospect of being hanged in the morning, concentrates the mind wonderfully.

But if we learn to live in the moment, can we stop going?

painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
I am so glad you are feeling better!
What a scary thing to have had to go through. Glad you are at home and mending up.