Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Semi-Svelte Update

Had to brag....I am now lighter by 8 pounds. I think it's the swimming that is really doing it.

Better than the weight loss, if you can believe that, is that I am feeling stronger. Yesterday, I swam 50 laps and didn't have to crawl out of the pool like I was some victim from a shipwreck dragging herself onto dry land again.

NOT having to gasp for breath might be the best it's gonna be for awhile. Frankly, whenever I get the one step forward-one step forward improvement in anything, I feel darn lucky. I'm usually have a strict two forward - one and one half back policy with these kinds of things.


Blue Lass said...

So how long does it take to get from sedentary to not-gasping-for-breath? I want to know what I'm in for.

Anne Lindenfeld said...

About three months.

Or as long as it takes to stop complaining about having to go to the gym every time.

Blue Lass said...

Okay! I start as soon as I get back from vacation. Hee.