Thursday, March 27, 2008

Looking And Seeing In Philly

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Staci made a challenge on her blog. She wrote about how so many of us wander through our lives, certain that nothing special is going on, nothing happens. Of course, a lot happens, but most of us are too focussed on how we are not making enough money or need to clean that closet or how life would really, really be all better if we would just finish that memo that on the bottom of the pile.

Then, Staci laid down the challenge: Memorialize something from your life that is important to you, and do this like today was the last day of your life.

Not to get all Carlos Castenda on you or anything, but Staci is certainly channeling that guy. Along with Buddha, Ram Dass, and a few others. You know, all those folks who keep harping on about Process and the importance of the JOURNEY and how we tend to live all up in our heads in the past and the future - rather than take in the beauty of here and now. After you hear enough wise people say, in one way or another, "Pay attention, right now, will ya?!," you gotta start to think there is some juice in that approach to life.

The picture above is my first attempt to meet Staci's challenge. Of course, I am cheating a little, because I saw this mural -- one of Philly's hundreds - on my recent trip there. We spent an afternoon just walking around downtown, looking at murals. I love how they are just there, basking in their massive glory. Even so, after a while, even these massive pieces of art become mundane, unseen by most of us, who skitter by them on our latest mission.

It was very satisfying to spend even just an afternoon not taking these murals for granted, giving them their due, right then at that moment.

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