Friday, March 14, 2008

I Love My New Glazing Putty

And I know that's weird. But there's no other way to put it. I AM in love with my new glazing putty, AmChem Stained Glass Putty. I got some for Christmas from my godson, who will now forever go down in history as heroic and brilliant for this act alone.

Glazing putty is the stuff that you use to plug up the little gaps between the lead came and the glass. Puttying is a messy process that involves gunk and dust and the total destruction of at least one pair of rubber gloves. Doing it right means you've got a nicely sealed window. Doing it wrong means you have a drafty, wobbly window. And who wants that?

For me, getting the right putty is the single most important thing in finishing up a window. I've used soupy glazing putties and ones that vented off vapors that could take the paint off your car. Oh, but that AmChem...

Tomorrow the window and its putty will have "set" -- and I can clean it up and patina the solder joints. That will make those nice, dark lead lines that I love so well. Okay, I know this is oddly rhapsodic. A good glazing putty can do that to me.

Keep the diamonds. I'll take the really nice gunk, please.

...Well, keep the diamonds until I get these cruddy gloves off.


CurlyQ said...

i love love love your window! i want one... how long does it take to make one of these beauties?

staci d

Anne Lindenfeld said...

This one took about 50 -55 hours. It has about 220 pieces. I'm getting a little faster with every new window. I am one of those people who HAS TO make every mistake possible in order to learn.... Sigh.

When I use this design again (my own BTW), I might just use one of the fern leaf side panels and incorporate it into, let's say, a house number transom. I like the idea of that.

For now, this will go on display in a showroom of a local renovator along with my brochures. Hoping to drum up some business there.

painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
Beautiful work! The window is fabulous! I think the movement of the ferns is just divine.