Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tub O' Goo Speaks Out

Tucked neatly at the bottom of this blog (yes, scroll ALL the way down), you will find a hula gal dancing across a cyber beach. No, this is not a countdown to my next beach vacation, it's a weight loss/BMI increase meter. I will be logging in here every week for the next ___ weeks, months, or as long as it takes with the results of my effort to get healthy and slim down. If this goes well the pounds should go down and the BMI should go up. This is one of those inverse relationships having to do with my health that, as I am getting older, I am really paying attention to. Really.

Blame it on the screwy menopausal hormone dance (even crazier than Brian Eno on Mountain Dew) or thyroid disease or anti-depression drugs or a certain amount of exercise malaise -- I have all of the above and I am carrying around too much heft. It's like my body has been hijacked by the Michelin man. I feel all squidgy and out-of-balance and, okay I'll say it, fat. I feel about as sexy as a cardboard box.

I need to do something.

So, I am saying it here -- and even including a graphic meter to prove it -- I must lose 40 lbs. And, sure, it would be nice to be a size 8 again, but mostly it would be nice to give my heart, blood pressure, and feet a break. Not to mention my insulin response. I'm not shooting for any instant reductions, just a gradual ebbing away of, well, a chunk of me.

And, as well as I can, I will chronicle it here, in the spirit of fessing up and slimming down.

So there.

I'm not shooting for the skinny, post-anorexic look, but rather a healthier me who looks good dancing. I'm naming this goal "svelte goddess" in the spirit of that joyful, yet curvy deity Parvati. Well, okay, she looks joyful until she gets mad and grows a bunch of arms and has an attack of the rathful. Kind of like me without estrogen... But, you know what I mean. I'm shooting for healthy and strong middle aged body, rather than the skinny and brittle edition.

The good news is that Tom, ever patient spouse, is joining me in this endeavor. Hopefully, this will give us an extra five years at the end when we can still get on out and get it on. At the very least, I'm hoping he'll look good in animal prints.


painter girl said...

Good Luck Anne! Sending you all kinds of positive energy. We are on a plan to get back in shape also. I have some really good healthy easy recipes if you want them.

Anne Lindenfeld said...

Thanks! Bring on the recipes. I would love some new ones, as I have "tired of cooking my old stuff" malaise, as well.

Good luck to you, fellow shaper-upper!

Alotta.knittin said...

You go girl! You are an inspiration, truly. Boy, it could have been ME that you were describing at the start of your post!

Mike T. said...

Hi Anne,

Though it's been several years since I last saw you, I cannot imagine you carrying around extra pounds. I doubt that in any way you look as bad as you say. (And, if the photo accompanying this blog is of relatively recent vintage, I'm absolutely certain of it!)

Still, if it's any inspiration for you, just remember this: I was able to lose 50+ pounds over the last year, and am now below 200 pounds for the first time since 2001.

I'm not as good at eating healthy food as you or your other friends on this blog. But I managed to get the weight down by eating lighter meals and cutting down on late-night snacks and snacking between meals.

Also pushing me in the direction of dieting: the death of a co-worker from a heart attack before the age of 50, and the realization that the same thing could happen to me; and the need to stay healthy so I could be there for the ones I love.

No, I don't take medications (except for allergy drugs), but I've been afflicted with my own form of long-lasting, if low-level, anxiety.

What I'm saying is: if I can lose the weight, so can you. Believe it.

I'll also say this: If you're doing this because you want to stay healthy, great.

But if you're motivated to do this in part because someone or other has made a stupid remark or looked at you in a snide way (as has happened to me), then leave them in the dust, give them the back of your hand, etc. You can't please them and you shouldn't try. They'll be the first to notice the smallest imperfection and the last to notice a huge difference in your form.

Oh, by the way, I meant to tell you, too, something you must have heard numerous times already from so many other people by now: it's a joy to read this blog!

Your friend,

Mike T.

Anne Lindenfeld said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. You may be down in the pounds, but you have the biggest heart!

Blue Lass said...

Are you sure you have 40 lbs. to spare? You'll have to get all new underpants.