Friday, January 4, 2008

Knitter Knuckled Down By Yak

Considering that it is the New Year, it seems like a good time to begin some new knit projects. And since it's also Presidential Year, not to mention Primary and Caucus Season, it's just the time could to begin those late-night-waiting-for-the-poll-result projects.  One could make several sweaters alone to pass the time during those TV political coverage hours. You know, those important-pundit-tells-all-using-same-words-as-previous-pundit-but-in-slightly-different-order show?

So in honor of the political process, I will begin with:

Fingerless Gloves
I'm making these with some lovely, sproingy Green Mountain Spinnery yarn that I got for Christmas from my Vermonter sister-in-law, Naomi.  One of my first knitting teachers started me off with a fingerless glove project way back in 1986, and I haven't made a pair since.  They are great for a milder climate like ours, where the exposed knuckle or two will never put you at risk of frost bite.  I have just about finished the first glove, and have an order put in for additional yarn.  The pattern is my own interpretation of the glove pattern from "the knitter's handy book of patterns" by Ann Budd. I can't say enough good things about this book. It's the book I go to when I have some beautiful yarn on hand and need a plan -- but also need to be able to adjust the pattern for size and style reasons.

Jarrod's Kool Shokay Hat
Okay, so I broke down and bought the ever-so-soft Shokay yak yarn -- even after swearing up and down to anyone who would listen that I was not going to buy so much as an inch of new yarn until I had reduced my stash.  What was a girl to do when the folks at Stitch DC set up that road block yesterday in front of their Capital Hill store?  (I think they were using some off-duty guards from the Marine Barracks across the road...)  Under duress, I had to buy that yak stuff.  In that nice cranberry color. The pressure!

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