Monday, January 21, 2008

Yakking Up The Koolhaas Hat

My friend, Jess, calls this the "cool ass" hat. Darned if I didn't see that double entendre coming!

The pattern for the hat was straightforward and easy to memorize. My only change was that I knitted it with US size 6 and size 7 needles. I am a loose knitter and usually have to go down a needle size to get that nice stitch uniformity. Also, since this hat is for my friend with the bald head, I wanted a tighter weave to keep those chilly drafts at bay.

This hat knits up in no time at all. The Shokay (yak) yarn is soft and springy, but also holds a shape and pattern with more heft than your garden variety merino. (Often, I find the thinner merinos don't do well for cable work, and make for a floppy cabled piece that doesn't keep its shape too long after blocking.) Okay, okay, but now I am deep in the wool nerd weeds...

Under threat of the cancellation of TV priviledges for the remainder of his natural life, Hippie Child agree to model the hat. Then, he asked me to make one for him. He even broke his 11th commandment -- Thou shalt wear black -- and asked for this hat in the cheerful cranberry color.

The power of the yak reigns!

(Photos taken in bad light with iPhone. Sorry.)


painter girl said...

Beautiful Hat! Love the crown.

Blue Lass said...

A thing of fable. I still can't figure out how you do it.