Friday, January 11, 2008

In All Directions

This is a visual map of the combined strategies of all the presidential candidates for Super Tuesday.

No, it's an interpretation of the U.S. exit strategy from Iraq. No, no. Honestly, this is brain imaging from the inside of the noggin of Britney Spear's dog.

All wrong; this is a close up of the design for my current window, known as the Fern Window. Thank Gd for White Out.

I'm making it for a display that I am getting together for my friend Ethan's showroom. (He and his company renovate an unbelievable number of houses round these parts). And I have an adorable brochure to go with it, which I will post post haste.

This here is a detail from a sheet of art glass that I don't have the heart to cut into pieces for any project. I think I'll just frame it and hang it in front of a window and just sit in front of it and sigh. This iPhone picture hardly does it justice.


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painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
I love the fern window. So beautiful. The gesture of the ferns are so sweet. Love it!

Anne Lindenfeld said...

Thanks! I now have a light box that I can use to see what the glass will look like with light passing through it. Talk about revolution! Makes it so much easier to see how different glasses look together.