Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Reprise

Before we put away all the decorations, I thought I'd close out the holidays with a little photo review....

Mad Hatters' Before The Ball: We always wear these silly hats to attend the annual Irish Christmas Eve Party at the home of dear friends, Ivan and Sighle and their kids, Eimhin, Eoin, and Aisling. (The Gaelic pronunciation quiz will be in the next blog posting...)

Goodies Galore: This was our year of reduced consumerism, when we lived simply and merely exchanged good will and kind thoughts, Grasshopper. Not. It was the usual wrapping paper bedlam at our house...but oh, so cheerful bedlam. Here, Rashid adds to his personal ceramics stash.

Rockin' Out:  Sammy got his first set of drums this year for Christmas from Dad and The Very Cool Uncle Rashid. (Mom got the headphones that come with them.)

Too Many Cooks...Never!: We believe that it could not be a holiday meal without every one of us working cheek-to-jowl in the kitchen, preferably hoisting pans of boiling liquids overhead and opening oven doors at will. Keeps things lively.

Recovery: Sometimes all you can do at the end of Christmas Day is read and digest next to the tree.

The Sanctity of Software: What would the festivities be without a little online troubleshooting amongst family and friends?

All in all, Christmas 2007 was a wonderful one....especially for yours truly.  Special thanks go out, as ever, to my in-laws, who have the marvelous habit of coming for the holidays every year, which means so much to me.  Thanks so much, Peter, Lore, Naomi, and Michael!

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