Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just Say No To Wretched Excess

The holidays are upon us -- and so is the glut of catalogs that meet me everyday at the front door. Not only do they junk up my personal space and our environment, these catalogs junk up my mind with a steady stream of throw-away lifestyle issues. Like: Is there a maximum personal polar fleece load? How much bioengineering did it take to make that pear? If I need a "smart spoon", what does that really say about MY intelligence? Are there that many people who actually still use the fountain pen? And, if my husband wears that, do I really want to be married to him?

On top of all this emotional turmoil, I also have to deal with the guilt of knowing that our ACL (annual catalog load) took some town's whole rainforest away. It's enough to make a person eat tinsel. But then, a star appeared in the internet sky, and I rode my cyber camel to a place called Catalog Choice. You can go there, too.

The nice people at the Ecology Center worked their green fingers to the bone to give us what is, possibly, my favorite Christmas present this year. (A thankful shout out goes to the National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council for their endorsement of the site.) Through Catalog Choice, an easy-to-use website, you can set up a FREE account that will stop catalogs from coming to your home. You can actually pick and choose which catalogs you want to put a stop to (e.g. the toddler toy catalogs that you are still getting even though you kid is now in college), and still receive the ones you like to peruse. And for the wafflers among us, there's a function to restore a deleted catalog later. I can hear the wind whistling through my mailbox already.

Hark! The herald mail bags sing!

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