Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This piece should be that lighter blue, no brown,okay how about the clear bubble glass, arghh!

At last! All the pieces are in place and there is lift off on the final color plan. There were about 10 pieces for which I had to try every color combination before I felt they were right. It's always amazing to me how long I can stand there staring a window in progress -- or thinking about it at the stoplight -- before that little voice in me says, "Just cut the damn glass and try it!" With the exception of preserving some special and expensive glass or trying to make the last sheet of a color stretch, it's nearly always better to experiment than, well, worry.

Then, of course, Himself/Loving Husband asked me to send over a picture of the window progress thus far for his lunchtime edification. Naturally, he had his own sage advice to offer. Darned if the guy doesn't have a wonderful sense of composition, so I can't do the uh-huh-only half-listening response known to wives everywhere. I ended up using just about all his suggestions, especially on that "football shape" that he felt was overwhelming the overall effect. Football, it seems, just about always has a way of taking over.

Fortunately, I have some good, strong morning light in the new workshop -- and bright spotlights for later in the afternoon. Most of this glass looks quite a bit different against the light than it does pressed against white paper. In some projects, the more opaque glasses are fine, but the folks who will get this window wanted to be able to see the trees outside through the window, so all the glasses I used are clears or tinted transparents. Still, to make sure that the glass patterns are flowing in the right direction per the design, there's a lot of squinting through the glass into the sun, before I make my pattern cuts. Of course, for some glass, like the one featured to the left, there's just so much going on that I save it for a later, uncut cameo appearance.

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