Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Lotus Are Blooming

This week is the final push to finish the lotus window for two of the most patient patrons in the world. I just about have all the glass pieced, groound down, and ready to lead. Now the fun part begins! Actually, I love the whole lead came thing, though I get a bit hot and bothered by all that soldering that comes later on.

I don't know if this is true of other stained glass window makers, but the hardest part for me is mapping out the colors. I don't feel good until I have to total number of colored glass at or below seven (7). Anything more than that is a horror movie. (Sorry, bad pun.) Once I get the colors pared down and in place, I start feeling calm again. So, by the time I am leading, I'm as happy as can be, the itinerant soldier on leave from the color wars. (Yes, that was me up at 3:30AM looking at the design again and rearranging glass samples...)

As an added bonus, my son is now installed in the workshop by way of a brand new drafting table. He joined me today out in the workshop for a couple hours of sketching, though he abandoned our atelier due to some major glass grinding by mom. (Hey Mom, do you have to make so much noise?) I think it's a good thing when one can annoy one's tween with the heavy equipment. Maybe I WILL get that Harley...Okay, maybe a Vespa.

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