Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love My Workshop

For anyone who has never had a workshop or dreamt of having one or doesn't own at least 3 20-foot flexible tape measures or a selection of hack saw blades -- you will not get this post.

But, if the criteria fits, read on....

My glass workshop is officially finished (well, except for that one shelf and some wood stain). It's located smack dab in my backyard, which is totally ideal for padding out there in my pj's with coffee for some predawn glass cutting. Naturally, like most of the wonderful things in my house, I have my generous and thoughtful friend and master builder, Hristos, to thank for this. He and his wife Elena and their crew (Thanks Joachim and Ed!) worked through blazing heat and a few harrowing moments. (Is that the freon line or the water line?) They created the workshop of my dreams. I will be forever in their debt.

I have been lusting after my own workshop since about 10th grade, when I tried to cordon off part of my parent's garage for my potter's wheel. Since then my various artistic pursuits that involve tools and equipment have shared space with lawnmowers, bikes, a generator (that stank of gasoline), and all manner of Christmas decorations. But no more! Now I have a whole workshop with multiple workbenches, slotted shelving to store glass, and (gasp) a sink. That has hot water.

I might not ever come inside my house again. Already, people are just coming by the backyard to see me. They don't even bother going to the front door.

To round out the workshop debut, I am finishing a long overdue window for a wonderful couple in New Jersey. I call it the "Lotus Window" in honor of their water garden, which was its inspiration.


jackie said...

jealous. so jealous. i am excited to have one whole room in our house dedicated to my artwork, but that's NOTHING compared to an actual studio/workshop. definitely jealous.

the glass window is looking lovely, btw. i miss doing glass!

Anne Kenealy Lindenfeld said...

You do glass too?! I should not be surprised.

I'm loving having so much space and the sink, which I really do purr over. Of course, the old fingers are getting back in "glass condition." (Translation: I will the discerning bandaid buyer for the next month or so.)

jackie said...

it's probably more accurate to say i DID glass at this point. the hippie and i took a class together, got fired up, and made all kinds of stuff. we paid for access to a craft center studio for a while so we could keep doing it, but now we've had nowhere to do it for a long time--it's one of the plans for the garage of the new house. :)

your nails are going to be toast. too. glass is worse than pottery on your nails! so worth it though...