Monday, August 13, 2007

Seaside Finish At Higher Elevation

In between looking for moose and eating an unconscionable amount of ice cream, I finished the "Seaside Shawl" while in Vermont last week. I never got a look at the moose mother and child pair that was frequently seen (by others!) grazing about a mile from downtown Barnard, VT.

But I did finish the shawl..all 800 edge stitches of it. Which I crocheted off in a snappy loop-finish thing. This is saying something, since the last time I crocheted it was to finish off a fuchsia macramé belt that I was making to wear to a Little Feat concert that my brother took me to at Richmond's old Mosque Theatre. (As a little sister, of course it was my goal to keep up with his inner hipness.) Not that my bro wore fuchsia macramé belts or anything -- though his nickname was Freon. He was more the Greek fisherman’s hat and second hand navy coat kind of guy. Bonnie Raitt was doing the intro that night and John Prine showed up to duo with her on "That Song About the Midway."

I hope I infused this shawl with at least a dash of my former hipness...or hippiness. I guess we will find out once the thing blocked.


jackie said...

BEAUTIFUL! what is this yarn?

Anne Kenealy Lindenfeld said...

The yarn for this shawl is from Cherry Tree Hill, which makes hand-died yarn in VT. I didn't get it in VT, though, even though I am there every year. I bought it on sale at Stitch DC, our wonderful knitting store(s) here.

I think this is actually very thin superwash Merino, possibly meant for finer sock production. This yarn has been in my stash for a while, so I'm not exactly sure of weight. It's definitely a finer Merino though. And, boy, did it take some rough treatment between getting stuffed in bags, rubbed with sand, and surviving too many rum drinks. Oh wait, that could describe me!

jackie said...

lol--thanks for the answer. :)

i was just in the georgetown stitch DC a couple of weeks ago, but didn't come away with any goodies due to placing a big order with webs. i did drop quite a few bucks at the other stitch DC location a few months ago--made myself a purl scarf from that yarn. :)

Blue Lass said...

I never get my moose, either -- nor does anyone else who travels with me. For a while, my uncle in Idaho was calling me "moose repellent."

But the ice cream always sits still for me.