Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Just a few weeks ago, a miracle happened: My friend, Crystal, had herself a beautiful baby girl. Naturally, I started knitting in month 8 of her pregnancy, beginning with a ruffled vest and fanciful hat to fit a one-year old. We can't have this child getting cold next winter, after all. And, at what other opportunity can one seriously knit a corkscrew beret in bubble gum flavored yarn?

What a blessing it is to witness good people bring their children into the world. And in spring!


painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
What cute baby clothes! I love the sweater and the tassled hat.
Thank you so much for your post. I have pieces in galleries around here but not in your area. I also put up pieces on name is Leanne Pizio and you can find them by looking me up there. I am working on a website but am supper slow at getting it ready. If you see anything you like on my blog just e-mail me and we can talk.
Thank you again for your interest.
I will have to see all the spiderman movies after reading about them on your blog!

Anne Custis Kenealy said...

Thanks very much for your email. I love your ceramics. Your mad hatter looks amazing.
I'll keep an eye out for your stuff in Ebay...and your website. Do you show in galleries down in NC?

BTW, I make stained glass windows....though very slowly. (Talk about your process person!) I love glass, and it could be possible that my glass stash might be as big as my yarn stash. I buy it and keep it around for a piece in the future...and just to look through it. I'm learning techniques in fused glass to use in my windows now. We have some good glass studios here and around DC.

painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
I love glass!
I have held myself off for years from even touching it too much because I think I would completely abandon all other work...painting pottery and especially crochet. My husband would become a glass widower.
I have gone to Penland many times and always go ga ga over the glass blowers. Maybe one day I will sucumb to my glass desire.
I would love to see some of your work. Have you posted any here?

I do show in galleries here. Let's see...Greenhill Gallery, The Marshall Gallery, Just Be, The NC Crafts Gallery, Urban Artware and I think that's about it. The Alice show is at the High Point Theater Arts Gallery. Most of these places have a website I really should put them on my blog as links....