Monday, January 8, 2007

Sometimes you have to get out the big guns... start a new year. This year I have big plans. Maybe too many. I have a book to finish. I have to get over my fear of repetitive submission rejection. And I must get into shape. And I have 3 commissions for windows to get cracking on.

I know. Stop rolling your eyes. I go through this every New Years. Resolutions are a weakness of mine, but a motivator, nonetheless. If I named all of them here, this post would be much too long and much too ridiculous.

The kids are back in school today! Welcome 2007!


Blue Lass said...

I'm a big fan of resolutions, too. This year I have the same one I had last year -- NOT to be able to grab my stomach with both hands. Film at eleven.

lisa schamess said...

am I one of those commissions? I hope, pretty please.

will put you on my blogroll bar tout de suite. no worries. since i never write on it, i have like 8 accidental visitors per day.

now where's the book draft?