Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A hat without a snowstorm

Is like a fish without an ocean? A baker without an oven? A predictable first-kiss Hollywood romance scene without the canned rainstorm? Or something like that.

Should we ever find winter again, I might actually be able to wear Pink Kabucha 2, featured here. It is marvelously warm and made extra large for my fat head full of swell ideas. The other two are simple winter caps knitted up for my son, a fellow who reviles at embellishments. (My first version included a sporty I-cord "sprout" that he insisted I remove.)

Now that I am snapping my own knitting pics, I have a new and awed respect for the many other bloggers who have come before me and included really gorgeous pictures of their knit work on their blogs. Eunny Yang comes immediately to mind. Hats off!

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Blue Lass said...

We just had kind of a big hailstorm. And I like pink, too. Guess I'd better go measure my head.