Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Homage to the Namesake

Some days, it is just plain cruddy to not live near the sea. I miss hearing the surf wherever I go, the salty smell in the air, just all that blue spreading out into the distance.

Some days, the best you can do is look at a picture like this and be happy that the place it tries to capture is still here on the planet, calmly turning the page of the day, getting on with the work of rolling waves and keeping an eye on the fish.


Blue Lass said...

Yah, it takes me an hour to get to the beach -- and three hours to get home. I'm not quite sure how that can be, but it is. If I am accurately remembering Rte. 50 East, you are probably in the same position.

Anne Custis Kenealy said...

Yup, though I really don't consider DE or MD to have beaches. They are more like human parking lots with sand. I'm spoiled. I miss my squid friends at Hawksnest Beach on St. John. And I muse (at least once a day in winter) about all that light blue, dark blue, chalky teal Caribbean water.