Thursday, November 30, 2006

As fish go by

This here is a detail of a fish window in a series of, well, one. Its dimensions are approximately 1.5 X 3 feet, and it's a lead came construction. (That means it can can be installed on an exterior window and will expand and contract with the temperature.) I designed and constructed it this year from a selection of hand blown and rolled art glass that I had been collecting over the years. It makes me think of fish lolling around in the ocean, which is about as calming a place and scene as I can imagine.

Gotta start some place

There is just no way I will succumb to the blog world! That's what I told myself last year and the year before, completely simultaneously with becoming quite literally addicted to a number of fab knitting blogs. (As a DC resident, heavily dipped in the political world, I steer clear of politico blogland.)

But, now that I am reading blogs, corresponding on blogs, and busy writing most days anyway (first novel in progress/to be explained later), I find myself yearning to have a little spot of blog heaven myself.

For now, I'll leave this open-ended. Maybe it will be my place for testing out stories, spreading lies, showing off my hand-built creations. (I make stained glass windows for commission too. Hint. Hint.) Maybe I will just muse here for myself and any other bored fool who happens to pass by the cyber porch.

I will make one promise: I will never post a picture of my cat here.

Welcome! Sit down and take a load off.